CLICK IMAGE ABOVE to see the rare 1891 Whippoorwill Consolidated Mining Company certificate. Mines at Neihart, Little Belt Mountains, Montana  
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1891 WHIPPOORWILL CONSOLIDATED MINING COMPANY - Mines at Neihart, Little Belt Mountains, Montana

HOFFMAN AND HOFFMAN Silver Bullion Ingot - 10.82 Troy Ounce

1877 DIANA GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY - Tuscarora District, Elko County, Nevada


1916 SILVER MOON MINING COMPANY - Salt Lake City, Utah

OLD WEST BULLION - 6.05 Troy Ounce Silver Bar - Horseshoe Stamp

ANTIQUE ONE TROY OUNCE GOLD NUGGET RING - Here is something you don't see everyday. It looks even better in person. The total weight is 1.15 oz. so the nugget itself is around an ounce. It is almost too big to wear!  Finger size is 7 but I'm sure it could be re-sized by a jeweler.  I am told it is a California nugget. If you enlarge (click on) the photo you can see the reddish-brown matrix in the crevices - this is typical of nuggets from the Mother Lode region of California. This nuggets tests at 21K - 22K and the band is 14K. The band appears to be hand-formed and was not cast like modern rings. The design on the side was hand-tooled as well. The jeweler could not give me an exact age but said it was quite old. Natural nuggets this size are of course rare so even if you do not intend to wear it, it is a spectacular collector specimen. Possibly worn by a wealthy mine owner??? 

Antique One Troy Ounce Gold Nugget Ring

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Cripple Creek & Victor Colorado Commemorative Gold Rounds

OLD WEST BULLION - Silver Ingots

CIRCLE CITY REFINING of Arizona - 2 oz. Silver Bar

CIRCLE CITY REFINING  2 Troy Ounce Silver Bar - The operation that produced these was so obscure that there is very little information to offer. I am told this poured ingot is fairly old. Notice the unusual shape. Circle City is an unincorporated community in Maricopa County, Arizona, 14 miles northwest of Surprise, AZ. Scarce collectors bar!   Price - $150
HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY Silver Bullion Bars - Lead, South Dakota

GENUINE NEVADA GOLD NUGGET - This beautiful gold / quartz specimen was found with a metal detector in Pershing County, Nevada, in the Dun Glen Placer Fields - East Range. Total weight  is .72 ounce or 22.4 grams (almost 3/4 of an ounce!). Contains about 25% quartz matrix so it is 75% native gold. The (3) images above show both sides close up and the nugget beside an old mercury dime for scale. RARE SPECIMEN - Price $1,950  

OLD POURED JOHNSON MATTHEY SILVER BULLION BAR - 20 troy ounce 999+ fine silver ingot. Unique serial number stamped along the right side. Bottom stamp reads: J. M. LTD. ASSAY OFFICE - CANADA. Scarce collectors bar. Price - $1,075 

20 Ounce Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion Bar - Old Poured Ingot

EARLY OURAY, COLORADO MINING DEEDS - Set of 3 - More information:  All are notorized and stamped with a notary seal. The 1901 was notorized by Marshall Black and includes his fancy seal (I'm not sure if he was an actual "marshall"). They fold out into a large document that includes detailed information about the location of the mining claims. The 1899 mentions the Homestake Lode Claim and the 1901 the Monitor #2 Lode Claim. I was unable to read the name of the claim on the 1903 deed - Someone more familiar with this region could probably figure it out. All were in the Uncompahgre Mining District in the San Juan Mountains. Ores from this district produced gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. Ouray County.


1876 - 1989 HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY Commemorative Silver Round - One Troy Ounce .999 Fine. Reverse reads: HOMESTAKE GOLD MINE - Maintenance - LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTA. It is still sealed in the original plastic. The silver has toned nicely over the years.  These have become very popular with Black Hills collectors and there are certainly not enough to go around. Their value keeps going up.    Price - $95.00

Homestake Mining Company - 1989 One Troy Ounce Silver Round - Lead, South Dakota - Black Hills

Homestake Mining Company - 1989 One Troy Ounce Silver Round - Lead, South Dakota - Black Hills
HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY Silver Bullion Bar - Hand poured ingot made in 1977 at Lead, South Dakota. Bar # 5298 - 9.62 oz - 999.0 Fine. All Homestake bars are becoming tough to find, but these older bars with the fancy logo are almost impossible to acquire. This one was recently found in an old house, hidden behind a wall... still inside the original burlap pouch.

Homestake Mining Company Silver Bullion Bar - Ingot poured in 1977 - Old style logo

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1876 - 2001 HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY Gold & Silver Commemorative Bullion Coin - Scarce issue - 1/10 ounce of 999.0 Fine Gold surrounded by pure silver. 125 Years of Mining. Reverse reads: United States of America, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Chile. Comes in a fancy display box.   Price - $275


HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY - Gold and Silver Commemorative Round
Due to the overwhelming number of emails I receive everyday asking about STOCK RESEARCH, I decided to add a couple of links below that should get you started in the right direction. These companies will tell you if your certificates still have any REAL (share) stock value:

California Pure Gold Coins - Grizzly Bear

HOFFMAN AND HOFFMAN Silver Bullion Bar (shown at left) - Scarce older poured ingot. 10.82 Troy Ounces .999+ fine silver. Thick "Loaf" style. Nice collector bar.   Price - $350  

CRIPPLE CREEK & VICTOR COLORADO 1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coins. Beautiful Coins in excellent condition. Each one commemorating a specific historic mine in the Cripple Creek Mining District. Dates available:

1998 - THE CRESSON MINE - Price $80.00
1999 - THE INDEPENDENCE MINE - Price $80.00
2000 - THE THERESA MINE - Price $80.00
2001 - THE AMERICAN EAGLES MINE - Price $80.00
2006 - THE DEADWOOD MINE - Price $80.00

The reverse side of each one contains in large letters - CC & V  (Cripple Creek and Victor)  

1877 DIANA GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY - Incorporated October 1877 - Rare and beautiful early western stock certificate. TUSCARORA MINING DISTRICT, ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA printed on right side. Certificate #172 issued shortly after the company was formed 138 years ago for 100 shares worth $100 each. Office at San Francisco, California. Uncancelled. (shown at left)   Price - $395    

NEVEX GOLD Silver Round - Nevada's Historic Comstock Lode

MERRILL LYNCH 1 oz. Fine Gold Bar - Bull Logo

EMIRATES GOLD EGO - 500 Gram Silver Bullion Bar - Poured Ingot

1893 THE SUNNY BELLE MINING AND MILLING COMPANY - Incorporated (in 1892) Under the Laws of the State of Colorado - Beautiful stock certificate printed with lots of shiny-gold ink. Issued to company president, John G. Shields for a whopping 24,500 shares worth $1 each. A huge sum of money in the 1890s. The Sunny Belle operated in Boulder County, Colorado.  What a nice name for a mining company!   Price - $295   (Shown at left)

MERRILL LYNCH 1 Troy oz. Hand Poured Gold Bar - 999.9 Fine - Scarce and historic collectors ingot (shown below) These were sold to investors shortly after the United States gold restrictions were lifted on January 1st, 1975. The famous Bull logo is stamped at the top. Small but thick bar.... shaped like a small "loaf" ingot.  *** Not  currently for sale
(Shown at right)
Indian Head $5 Gold Piece and Genuine Gold Nuggets

CRIPPLE CREEK & VICTOR COLORADO 1/2 Ounce Gold Rounds - .9999 Fine

2001 The American Eagles Mine

2003 The Portland Mine SOLD

CC & V in large letters on reverse side - Reverse also has a unique number etched into it.  


1916 SILVER MOON MINING COMPANY - Incorporated (in 1912) Under the Laws of the State of Utah - Owned 7 unpatented claims in the Big Cottonwood Mining District. The ore contained silver, gold and lead. Signed by Wm. Crome as company secretary. Office at Salt Lake City, Utah. Employed just 4 men. Great name for a mine!         (Shown at left)   SOLD        

1987 THE GOLD BAR MINE - One Ounce Silver Coin. Reeded edge. The silver used to make these rounds was actually mined from the Gold Bar. The front side shows a mine shaft built with timbers and the reverse shows a bullfrog with the text:  GOLD BAR, BULLFROG DISTRICT, NYE CO., NEVADA - BEATTY, GOLD CENTER, TRANSVAAL, GREENWATER, LILAC, JOHNNIE. Very scarce issue!   Price - $175

THE GOLD BAR MINE - One Ounce Silver Round - Bullfrog Mining District, Nevada

THE GOLD BAR MINE - One Ounce Silver Round - Bullfrog Mining District, Nevada

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MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA Silver Commemorative Round

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THE GOLD CRATER MINING COMPANY - Cripple Creek Mining District, Colorado

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Greetings fellow western history buffs! I am a small dealer and collector of early western mining stocks & bonds. The hobby of collecting stock certificates is known as "scripophily". My specialty is mining-related documents but I do offer stocks from other industries as well.

I invite you to browse my online catalog by clicking the links above. I think you will find my prices to be quite reasonable, and in most cases, I can offer a nice discount if you purchase more than one certificate at a time. Imagine owning an actual gold mining certificate issued during the wild days of Deadwood, when the region was still called Dakota Territory, or a stock from the boom days of Cripple Creek, Colorado; also known as the "Worlds Greatest Gold Camp". Many of these certificates contain beautiful vignettes that are like a little window to the past. Whether you enjoy Old West history or are just looking for a unique gift for someone special, I guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. Old stock certificates always look nice framed in the home or office. What a great conversation piece!

Feel free to ask questions........

Jeff J. Daly


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Your accumulations of pre-1920 stock certificates. Email for prompt offer. Please include scans
These old documents are often discovered in attics or long-forgotten boxes and drawers. Many people are unaware of the historical and collector value and simply throw them out. I am always looking for new and interesting stocks certificates (and bonds) to replenish my inventory. I will buy single pieces or a whole box!

1985 NEVEX GOLD COMPANY COIN - Haywood Santiago Mine. Nevada's Historic Comstock Lode 1859. Contains a great image of an early prospector with his pack mule. 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver. (front & back shown above)        Price - $62.00

500 Gram Silver Bar - Ingot
(Shown above)
999.0 Fine

This size is also referred to as the 1/2 KILO. Attractive bar produced at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. If you look closely you can see some cooling rings.
*** Not currently for sale
1986 MINOT, WARD COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA CENTENNIAL COIN - One Oz. Silver. Each one was numbered. Map of the region on reverse. I have 2 of these to offer.   Price / each - $65.00

For security reasons, ALL gold & silver items are stored in a bank safety deposit box

*** Items are not always shown actual size
HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY SILVER BULLION BARS - Loaf style ingots produced in the Black Hills at Lead, South Dakota. The Homestake has long-since closed and no more of these are being made. In my experience there are more collectors of these than there are bars to go around. These ingots were hand poured and stamped.

Most notable is the bar poured in 1985 - 48.84 Ounces. This is the most attractive example I have owned. The numbers are large and were very carefully stamped into the bar. Also notice the cooling rings. This "brick" of pure silver weighs about 3 pounds.
*** Not currently for sale

THE GOLD CRATER MINING COMPANY - Incorporated in 1895 - CRIPPLE CREEK, COLORADO - Rare certificate issued 119 years ago on January 7th, 1896 for 200 shares worth $5 each. Hand-signed by H. C. McCreery as secretary and J. R. McKinnie as vice president. Printed by the Elgan Bank Note Company of Denver, CO.
The Gold Crater Mining Company is one of the most important companies of the Cripple Creek District. Winfield Scott Stratton, Cripple Creeks' first millionaire, owned this operation. Vignette shows two volcanic craters. W. S. Stratton had a theory that the rich gold veins of the district emanated from a volcano; also known as the "Bowl of Gold" theory. Trees and miners cabins can be seen at the base of the mountain. H. C. McCreery, county treasurer, and alderman of Cripple Creek, was a close associate of W. S. Stratton.
J. R. McKinnie was another well-known Cripple Creek mining man who became very wealthy. In his later years he lost his entire fortune. The Gold Crater owned the Globe, Close Shave, Lady Stith, Deerborn, Deerborn #2, and Pride of the Rockies claims. Also owned the Callie claim on Gold Hill.   Price - $550  
GENUINE OURAY, COLORADO MINING DEEDS - Set of 3 - You can imagine an early colorado prospector riding his horse to the claims office in town to get these. They are dated 1899 - 1901 - 1903.  (See more info at left)   Price - $165